Will islandswap lead the future of gamefi on OEC?

Will islandswap lead the future of gamefi on OEC?

With the rise of the metaverse concept, GameFi has become the most popular topic in the crypto circle. With more and more players and a continuous influx of capital, each token in blockchain games is also rising and constantly breaking the highest record. A large number of mainstream public chains, including OEC and Solana, have emerged in the market, providing more choices and a better environment for blockchain games. At present, several good GameFi&metaverse blockchain games have been planned to be on OEC, from Crypto Gladiator to Celestial, and then to Blade Warrior, OEC has become the leader of GameFi platforms.

A well-known DEX investor has built islandswap for $6 million. The game studio committed to developing nice GameFi projects on the leading chains including OEC, BSC and HECO, and more. Its first metaverse game is being prepared for the official launch on OEC.

As a brand-new turn-based blockchain game based on the GameFi+DEX ecosystem. Islandswap attracts its players through its P2E economy. The game issued a total of 10 billion ISL with a destruction mechanism, in which 80% of the transaction mining generated will be returned to the game players through game rewards. The NFT mystery box market is also a highlight of this NFT+DeFi+GameFi game. After buying the NFT mystery box, players can use the NFT they bought to mine directly in the islandswap, which meets both game players’ needs and DeFi miners’. 

Islandswapalso incorporates different types of gameplay with a high degree of freedom in the metaverse. Players can use different characters to trade islands in islandswapand engage in PVP and PVE battles to obtain different survival resources.

Will islandswap lead the future of gamefi on OEC?

You can explore the most favorable way to survive islandswapas a cowboy, a Jedi master, a wizard, an Orc, an astronaut, and even a skeleton or an egg. All your imagination can come true as long as DAO passes your proposal.

Islandswap will be launched on OEC soon,click the link below to contact us.




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