Thousands help EGG Network as much-anticipated New-DeFi Autonomy Consensus Forum concludes in Haikou

In March of spring flowers, south of the motherland, the blockchain industry kicked off the year with a heavyweight event, the New-DeFi Autonomy Consensus Forum, held at the Luneng Hilton Hotel in Haikou. The forum was co-sponsored by the Blockchain Ecological Alliance Committee and the EGG Community Autonomy Committee, with joint support from EFTalk Crypto Social, Golden Finance, Non-Small, Fireball Finance and Coin World, and supported by nearly 100 partner communities and media. The forum was arranged to be live-streamed on four separate channels, with over 300,000 views, while the site also attracted a total of nearly 1,000 people including project owners, exchanges, industry KOLs, communities, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.


Along with the in-depth development of economic globalization and industrial transformation, digital finance has become a new engine to drive global economic development. The New-DeFi Autonomy Consensus Forum hopes to bring together guests from home and abroad to discuss the tremendous power of decentralized finance in the changing times, witness the pioneering of Blockchain 5.0 technology, and help EGG Network navigate the New-DeFi era together. The forum lasted for 8 hours, including signing in for group photos, guest speakers, audience interaction, on-site lucky draw, community sharing, free exchange and cheerful dancing, etc. The venue was full of laughter and all parties fully communicated to help the development of the industry.


At the forum, Professor Wang Fuchong, director of the Chinese Society for World Economics and a renowned economist in blockchain finance, gave a keynote speech titled “Trends and Future of Decentralised Finance”.

He pointed out that intermediaries consume a lot of wealth from both sides of the transaction, while the emergence of blockchain solves the trust problem, enables disintermediation and makes transactions more convenient, while it can support the unfolding of large-scale trade. He then went on to illustrate the importance of technology through the birth and development of cryptocurrency and expressed his expectations for the future of cryptocurrency. Talking about the future development of blockchain, he said that the next five years will be an important five years to accelerate the construction of a data and digital world supported by blockchain technology. 2021 is the start of China’s 14th Five-Year Plan, and with a more favourable policy environment, better standards, more active investment and financing, higher levels of enterprise development and a more complete industrial chain, the whole industry will continue to grow in the future for some time. The whole industry will continue to grow in the coming period.



There was also a remote connection with Dr. Tey, Vice Chairman of EGG Global Autonomy Committee and Andrey Sevin, EGTalk evangelist and member of EGG Global Autonomy, in which Dr. Tey shared “EGG Network Public Chain Technology Disrupts New-Defi”. He mentioned that he has been involved in cryptocurrencies since 2012, researching distributed systems, cryptography, consensus algorithms and other technologies, hoping to create a multi-dimensional, multi-million dollar ecological application, which is how the EGG Network came about. He introduced EGG Network as a blockchain underlying development platform, providing a series of blockchain technology templates for blockchain developers to help them quickly create blockchain applications and implement decentralized business scenarios; it is also a distributed database, introducing advanced technologies such as content addressing and V8 engine to achieve fast data storage and extraction; adopting Core Chain Dr. Tey added that half of the value of the EGG Network will belong to the early adopters and evangelists.



Andrey Sevin gave a presentation on “EGG Eco-Technology and Future Value” in Connect. He shared his knowledge of the blockchain industry from his past work experience, such as over 25 years of ICP experience, social engineer, business consultant, Silicon Valley manager, and blockchain project management. He also introduced EFTalk, the first eco-application on EGG Network’s perpetual motion financial public chain. EFTalk issues EFT, a constant price pass, which will determine the number of constant price currencies to be issued based on the incremental amount of social fans, truly decentralising equity and creating a N e w-D e F i ETFs can be exchanged for EGGs through bidding for flash IDBOs and traded in the secondary market, thus realising real returns. At the same time, EGG Network also establishes NEW-DeFi’s multi-scenario ecology: bidding for flash IDBO, annihilation miners, pledging for coin issuance, chain merchant payment and other multi-dimensional pan-financial applications.


Afterwards, Professor Zhu Youping, the first Chinese blockchain economist and scholar of chain reform, and Deputy Director of the Blockchain Special Committee of the China Communications Industry Association, gave a keynote speech on “Blockchain 5.0 and Chain Reform”. He firstly reviewed the development history of blockchain, summarized the characteristics of each generation of on-chain technologies such as Bitcoin, Ether, Comos, Boca and DeFi, and introduced the concept logic of blockchain 5.0. He also analysed the current policy regulations of blockchain development and looked forward to the application of blockchain in business, industry and government. He said that blockchain technology can build and form new production relations that adapt to the development of the digital economy. Overall, the future must be one where technology influences life, and if one hopes to find a gold mine, one must discover which technology brings positive value to future life. Blockchain can undoubtedly be an available option.



Finally, Mr. Wu Zhengkuan, the first person to practice DAO autonomy in China and the founder of Guozheng Digital Trading University Hall, presented “Blockchain and the Future Value of Autonomy”. He believes that the current active market will definitely bring new industrial development, and DeFi, as a popular technology in the last two years, urgently needs to be changed and optimised according to the latest market demand. eGG Network is well optimized for the market in terms of privacy, storage and speed. EGG Network is the first cross-chain architecture with Core Chain dominating parallel chains, enabling data and asset interaction between parallel chains and side chains, and achieving full node maintenance of blocks; it supports the sharing and transmission of tens of billions of files across peer-to-peer networks to achieve maximum digital information It has two representative ecologies – EFTalk crypto social and decentralised bidding for IDBO issuance, both of which are world firsts in the industry.


During the dinner time, many community representatives shared their views on EGG Network, ETF and other topics. including “EFT Constant Price Pass Properties and Features – Fully Decentralized Issuance Mechanism”, “EFTalk Decentralized Crypto Social Features and Trends”, “How EFT Uses Barlett Delineation, Liquidity Issuance and Circular Mining Revenue”, “The Combined Value of EFTalk Social Traffic and EGG NETWORK Ecological Autonomy”, “EGG Network super public chain’s technical ecology and characteristics balance”, “EFT constant price and EGG constant volume of shared DAO governance disruptive”, etc.


At the end of the forum, there was a song by famous Chinese music composer Huang Yong and a hula performance by many artisans, which lit up the whole event venue during the dinner time, and guests congratulated the New-DeFi Autonomy Consensus Forum on its success. The atmosphere was electric and the whole forum reached its climax.


The tung blossom is 10,000 miles off the mountain road, and the young phoenix is clearer than the old one. The innovative EGG Network has already achieved good results in the first phase: public chain construction is completed, Core Chain, Substrate, Distrbuted Dat System, Google-V8, Unspent Transaction Outputs, POTP and other core The technology development is completed, the first decentralized social application EFTalk is opened, and NEW-DeFi multi-scene ecology is established: bidding flash IDBO, annihilation miner, pledge coin issuance, chain business payment and other multi-dimensional pan-financial applications. In the future, with the in-depth construction of stages, EGG Network will make efforts in more areas and become the world’s leading “mobile digital bank”, which is worthy of our enthusiastic expectation.

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