With 50+ games hosted on the system and funding exceeding $4.1 billion, Tech-Finger – AI-driven deep revolutionary dividends for the gaming industry


With the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI), the gaming industry is undergoing a deep revolution, and Tech-Finger, a leading gaming technology company, is actively leading this revolution and bringing huge dividends to the gaming industry. Driven by AI, Tech-Finger has brought far-reaching changes to game development, user experience and industry ecology, opening up new prospects for development.


Nowadays, more and more game companies are including AI as a must-have issue, and no one wants to lose the possibility of the future.


Who is “embracing” AI?


Tech-Finger, which was born with a “golden spoon”, was launched in October 2022 with Tech-Finger version 1.0, which enables one-click hosting of gamers and automatic revenue. and accumulated up to $4.1 billion. This news shook the whole gaming industry, marking Tech-Finger’s official entry into a new era of the gaming market, bringing huge opportunities and potential for players and developers.


Shortly after the launch of Tech-Finger, it quickly made it to the top of YouTube and Twitter. And Tech-Finger’s AI capabilities have also attracted attention from inside and outside the industry.


As early as 2020, Tech-Finger entered into a strategic partnership with NVIDIA Corporation, in which the two companies will jointly develop and integrate AI technology and graphics processing technology to provide more advanced and efficient solutions for the gaming industry. By leveraging Nvidia’s GPU technology and Tech-Finger’s AI algorithms, game graphics and virtual world representation will be taken to a new level. With NVIDIA’s deep learning and data analytics technology, Tech-Finger will be able to more accurately analyze gamer behavior and preferences, providing game developers with targeted data insights and predictions to help them better design and improve game content.


It will also be able to improve the performance and picture quality of games, bringing players a smoother and more realistic gaming experience. This will further drive the growth of the gaming industry and increase user satisfaction.


In the current worldwide gaming market, gaming platforms such as Steam, Blizzard and Buff play an important role in providing gamers with rich gaming resources and trading platforms. However, due to the large scale of transactions and many participants, the traditional transaction aggregation method has some bottlenecks and problems, which affects the efficiency and user experience of transactions. To solve this problem, Tech-Finger cooperates with these gaming platforms to develop an advanced transaction aggregation algorithm.


The data is also integrated and analyzed using Tech-Finger’s advanced AI algorithm. By analyzing users’ trading behavior, preferences and market trends, the algorithm is able to provide more accurate trade aggregation recommendations, helping players and developers find the right match more quickly. With advanced algorithms and smart contract technology, partners will automate the transaction matching process. Players and developers only need to input their requirements and conditions, and the algorithm will automatically match the right trading counterparties and complete the trade matching in an efficient and accurate way, greatly saving time and effort in trading.


Tech-Finger – AI-driven deep revolutionary dividends in the game industry


The game industry is one of the industries with the fastest commercialization. Whether it is the last round of meta-universe or this round of AI wave, game companies are often the “wave runners” who follow quickly.


Since this year, as the AI-related concept sector, the game sector has stood on the investment windfall, up more than 70%. And “game + AI”, also gave a lot of imagination inside and outside the industry.


For AI, the game industry is more from its ability, Tech-Finger sees the future possibilities of the whole industry.


Tech-Finger uses advanced AI technology, especially generative AI models, to achieve large-scale game asset creation in a Web 3.0 environment. With this technology, Tech-Finger is able to generate creative assets and content from textual descriptions and build the context for these assets. This provides more personalization and diversity for in-game characters, props, equipment, etc. In addition, Tech-Finger has developed SuperANT AI bots to connect games, trading platforms and players for one-click hosting and automatic revenue functions to improve trading efficiency and player experience.


As an open platform, Tech-Finger utilizes blockchain technology to implement smart contracts and distributed ledgers. Smart contracts can automatically execute rights and value allocation agreements to ensure accurate and trustworthy execution of rights and interests. At the same time, the decentralized nature of blockchain eliminates middlemen, reduces costs, and ensures the security and protection of users’ digital assets.Tech-Finger further enhances the trustworthiness and security of the ecosystem by establishing a distributed and trusted ledger that provides each gamer with a renewable but non-tamperable ledger.


Led by Tech-Finger, the AI-driven gaming industry is seeing the dividends of a deep revolution. From game development to user experience to industry ecology, AI technology is bringing unprecedented innovation and change to the gaming industry. In the future, with the continuous evolution and application expansion of AI technology, we can foresee that the game industry will further integrate AI to provide players with a more intelligent, personalized and immersive game experience. At the same time, the AI-driven game industry will also bring more business opportunities and growth space for developers, publishers and the whole industry chain. Both game developers and players, we will all enjoy the dividends and fun brought by this deep revolution.


The deep revolution of game industry driven by Tech-Finger and AI is accelerating, and we have reasons to expect and look forward to the future game world. Let’s witness this revolution together and explore the infinite possibilities brought by the integration of games and AI together!

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