Recap of Heroland Community Conference

Recap of Heroland Community Conference

Heroland Community Conference has successfully ended! Now let’s have a review about the whole conference!


  1. Introduction

Metaease aims to gather the builders, designers, producers and users of the Metaverse through decentralized autonomous communities and further innovate on the basis of blockchain technology and game production technology, thus build a virtual world that blends with the real world, making it a Metaverse with complete economic cycle and social application value – Metaease will help individuals and organizations stand at the forefront of the future, establish the ultimate expression of the holographic era in Metaverse.


2. Ecology system

Metaease is a large ecological scene, which includes wallet, game, NFT store and VR. At present, we mainly promote the game section. In this section, we play the role of game platform, game developer and game investment incubation platform. There are dozens of people in the game develop team. The designer and planner are from top game companies around world. The two game teams will develop four games a year. At present, in addition to Heroland, another one is also under development. In addition to our own development team, we also provide technical support for chain change with external traditional game developers. These games will form a game platform together. We invest in our ecological token MTEE and flow to these games and also provide product technical support. In return, the game gives us a certain proportion of NFT and profits.

At present, our wallet and NFT store version 1.0 serve the game. We will launch version 2.0 before the middle of this year. Wallets are mainly financial products, such as DEX, financial products, computing products, etc. NFT store mainly focuses on overseas IP NFT + game NFT + Photography NFT. (Photography NFT is a social + Photography NFT content output platform). NFT 3.0 is mainly engaged in UGC community to provide content for our metaverse scene. At present, we plan to launch a scene similar to Baidu xirang around the middle of the year. You can use the NFT image in the game to participate in the meeting.


3. MTEE distribution model and lock-up rules

Recap of Heroland Community Conference

4.Game introduction

Heroland is an SLG mobile game based on blockchain technology with gameplay as its starting point and foothold. Our design idea is to give full play to the entertainment and educational significance of the game. While bringing game value to users, we use blockchain technology to make the game run in an open and fair environment to ensure game fairness and asset safety among players.

Hero, land and architecture are all NFTs in Heroland. Users can get their own land and heroes to upgrade. The specific upgrading strategy can be checked in the whitepaper. Players can conquer cities and get resources through PVP and PVE. At present, the beta test is scheduled at the end of January and officially launched around February 10. The output in the public test stage is reserved. Before the beta test, we will issue an internal test version.


5.  strengths of Heroland

5.1.High game playability

There are many ways to play except mining. Players are encouraged to fight. For example, there are so many gold mines. Whoever can occupy them can get benefits. For example, players need a lot of information about the enemy before conquering a city. They are supposed to investigate the defense and resources information, etc. Besides, players can also form a team, which is very valuable to the guild. The attack and defense strategies need coordinating further.


5.2 Reasonable economic model

The biggest difference between traditional game and Heroland is that we aim to change the game chain. We respect the ownership of users’ assets and establish a reasonable economic cycle. At present, the traditional P2E game model basically doesn’t work. The core reason is that it only focuses on the income and ignores the value of NFT itself. The second is that there are no real players. The assets haven’t been precipitated.

The playability of our game is rather high. There are more than 100 NFTs and various strategies. Players can earn purely through construction but with less income. Also, players can fight with monsters, occupy gold mine and attack other cities to earn. There is a big gap between those who are good at gaming and poor at gaming.


5.3 Different market

Before the game officially online, we mainly target the users in blockchain. After the launch, we will launch app store and Google mall to do overseas game flow and attract more traditional users. We aim to lower the threshold of the game for traditional game players. Even you can play without any cost. WE believe that these game players are true customers for us. Besides, users can own their own NFT in the game. Traditional games cannot bring you actual benefits unless you sell your account. But users can earn at any time in our game.


6.NFT private placement

At present, we are doing private placement of NFT hero mystery box. The total quantity is 10000. NFT heroes have different levels and attributes. Before the game goes online, we will carry out NFT pledge mining to dig the materials needed for construction in the game in advance. Now one account is set up with up to 3 heroes plus 1 piece of land. The land has different bonus to the mining income. In the game. Heroes need to lead soldiers out to fight in every battle. And players can upgrade their heroes to gain more benefits.


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