The dark horse of the decentralised storage industry, crushing the FIL, what is the MACCion FIL II all about?

MACcoin FIL II, invested by Stanford University and Yale University’s investment advisor, is about to start mining, and has already received investments from Slow, Collab Crypto, IDEO and Naval RavikantToken Titan (Titan Capital), HWLLO CAPITAL (Haru Capital), HONGLIAN CAPITAL (Red Chain Capital) NEXT BLOCKCHAIN CAPITAL (NBC Capital), EFUND, Sky Chain Capital and other institutional investment.


Becoming a file coin miner is an opportunity for community members to help store and preserve access to humanity’s most important information. By providing network security and infrastructure, MACCion FIL II miners help to build a more open, resilient and trustworthy internet.


MACCion FIL II mining is a new opportunity to earn revenue by providing data storage and retrieval services to customers on a vast network. Miners earn fees by storing and retrieving client information on the MACCion FIL II network. the more client data MACCion FIL II stores, the greater the storage capacity. More storage capacity on the network means that specific miners are more likely to generate blocks and win block rewards. Miners can choose whether to participate in storage capacity consensus, storage mining and/or retrieval mining. We anticipate that many miners will offer focused expertise in these categories.


The mining hardware you install on the MACCion FIL II network will provide useful data storage services for clients, in addition to network security and block production. This distinguishes mining on the MACCion FIL II network from traditional proof-of-work networks.


Reallocating excess storage capacity to run MACCion FIL II nodes will transform your once potential storage assets into a secure storage service. The block production, storage and retrieval services provided by miners are extremely valuable to the MACCion FIL II ecosystem. By bringing together many miners and storage providers in a decentralised network, MACCion FIL II unites storage providers in the first ever algorithmic marketplace for data storage for hire


At the same time the MACCion FIL II team now has a wealth of global promotional resources. Our projects are promoted and marketed appropriately through a strong global network of media channels. The list of media promotion resources includes:


(1, YouTube 2, Twitter 3, facebook 4, Google chrome)


MACcoin MACCionMACCionFIL II will change the entire data storage industry and break the status of centralised storage with its own superior resources and strength.

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